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A simple understanding of keys

The key is a device used to fasten or lock the door so that it cannot be opened by other people. The house door lock consists of a key mother and a key child. The key is made of metal where the main key will remain at the door while the key is that which is inserted into the keyhole on the main key that serves to lock the door and open the lock. At a house door, there is a key that serves to secure the door so that it cannot be opened easily by others. However, when you’ve lost your keys and can’t enter your house by yourself, you can hire the licensed and trusted Locksmith to open the door for you, as well as providing you the replacements for your keys.

So the key is one of the security tools in the household especially to secure that the house cannot be entered by unwanted people. When traveling, the key will be released from the main key to be carried or stored in a safe place or unknown to foreigners, or not the owner of the house. However, under certain conditions the key cylinder contained in the key body / body will be damaged or damaged, so we can replace the lock cylinder with a new cylinder

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