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Consider these when you need new keys for your door

If you have a purifier with the lock eyes on the outside and inside, then you must keep each key easy to reach in an emergency. In addition, the key must also be the original, not the duplicate. How many times do you have to shake the duplicate key so you can open the locked door? Aside from that, don’t forget to call a Locksmith if you don’t have the time to replace your door keys by yourself.

Use graphite liquid for your key. also do not need to replace keys too often Use liquid graphite into the key and in the place to enter the key an easy way to enter the liquid is to rub it with a pencil.

You can also replace the lock that has a peg with two latches on the latch. Even though using a peg is more convincing, you can use the one with two keys to be installed on a rather large door or window.

Learn to use only one key. This prevents you from wasting a good key that can still be repaired. Using one key allows you to use one key for all doors on the outside.

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