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Cool Tips for Choosing a Door Handle

Door handles are generally between 25-30 cm in size. As for the material including metal, iron, and brass combined, iron remains the main ingredient. Brass or stainless steel is usually used as an outer coating of the handle so it is rust resistant because it has a low carbon content. In addition, there are also those made of steel, brass, stainless steel and mixed metals. Cylinders and bolt (locking tongue) which are the main key elements made of steel. The candle making process includes two things, namely printing and pouring. During the pouring process, the material will first be liquefied and then poured into the mold to produce a strong handle. On the other hand, if you’ve got a trouble with the locks of your new doors, just call the trusted Locksmith near your location.


However, it does not rule out other materials such as wood and ceramics can be used to make handles. The reasons for art and aesthetics are the main reasons for making this doorknob.

Although it seems trivial, choosing a door handle does not mean to be careless, because it involves safety factors and several other factors, including:

– Models and Shapes

This refers to the theme and shape of the door. As explained earlier, if the room has a minimalist modern theme, then adjust the door handle with a minimalist symmetrical theme. While the classic theme is using a rather curved shape with ornament or carving.

– Function and location

Each room has a different door handle, all tailored to the needs while guaranteeing security in each room. Functionally, the handle is divided into 4 types, namely: Passage set (door handle without key), Entry set (locking handle which is often used for room entrance), Privacy set (handle with integrated model with key even though separated from door handle), and a Dummy set (i.e. a handle model that combines two function handles into one unit).

– Material and finishing

The handle material has various types and shapes, such as made of PVC, plastic, metal, glass, iron, chrome, etc. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to your needs. For example, to handle the bathroom door, use plastic or PVC, but not for the door or the front door of the house.

– Installation and Maintenance

The ease of installation is one factor that should be considered in choosing the type of handle, as well as the cost of maintenance so as not to drain your pocket.

– Warranty and spare parts

Some well-known handle products generally offer a product warranty, make sure the warranty is claimed if one is needed.

– Handle type

In general, the door handle consists of 2 types, namely the lever type, namely the type of handheld handle with the open door system moves down, and the knob type is the type of handle which when opened must be rotated or more often called a rotary handle. Choose according to the type of your needs.

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