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Ensure key brands and doorknob sizes before changing your door keys

This is usually printed on the hook, but can also be found on the key body. You don’t need long to replace the right key, as long as you know the brand, shape, settings, and old key features will help you ensure that the new key looks right. Replacing your key with the same basic brand and style will help ensure that there is no need to modify your door. Furthermore, you may also hire a trusted Locksmith to provide some replacements for your keys.

In addition, often, the lock on the front door and the back door will be larger than the key hook in the interior. Knowing the previous size will help you avoid buying or making a wrong installation. Make a ribbon size from the end of the door hook to the center of the doorknob. The best contemporary key hook is 6 cm in size with a diameter of 6.5 cm. New bolts or latches in many new key hooks can be adjusted for both, but make sure to check again before you leave the hardware store so you don’t go back and forth. Old key hooks may have varying sizes, but are generally smaller, requiring extensive knowledge about wood crafts for this. If that’s what you have, try checking the repair shop for a new key hook.

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