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Things you may need to disassemble when replacing your old keys

Remove the spring that is on the door handle. Then the doorknob will come off easily, and you will see a decorative cover. If the spring button can’t be tinkered before getting rid of the decorative cover, unplug the inner cover before removing the spring button. However, if you’re too busy don’t hesitate to hire the recommended Locksmith near your area.

Remove the interior of the decorative cover.

Covering screws may not be visible after you release the button. If present, remove and store in an easily accessible place. If it is not visible, look along the edge if there is one, where they hide a bolt. If there is no intended hole or screw, the plate must be somewhere else. Use a flat screwdriver to release the cover, a locking mechanism will appear.

Unload key parts by removing the two inner screws.

Remove the screw that is the inner security of the lock to the outside of the lock. Inside you will see a part of the knob. When the screw is removed, you will easily remove part of the knob from the door. Do not leave the door closed or you must reinsert a portion of the knob with a “knife”, screwdriver, or butter knife to open it.

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